Topic 6
The foreign intellectuals and the defense of the Spanish republic


Petit Palais – Auditorium


Friday, October the 26th 9 :00 a.m. to noon

The mobilization of intellectuals around the world was a massive phenomenon during the Spanish Civil War, mostly grouped under the banner of anti-fascism. Among these “Volunteers with glasses” (according to Mikhail Koltsov’s formula), there are many women. In the Republican zone or from their country of origin, these journalists, philosophers, photographers and novelists have invested in the defense of the Spanish Republic through versatile action that led them to implement practical approaches which were specific to the intellectual collective. The reflection will be articulated both around the participation of these foreign intellectuals in supporting the Spanish Republic and around the writings that both have produced in connection with the conflict. In doing so, the biographical perspective will be privileged to uncover trajectories of engagement at the crossroads of the individual and the collective.


9 :00 a.m.


Table n°1 : The intellectuals in the Spanish Civil war: from the front to the Congress of Writers.

Discussion led by : Allison TAILLOT (Université de Paris 10 Nanterre)

Speakers :

  • Lorna ARROYO JIMÉNEZ (Spain, Universidad Internacional de la Rioja)  : Conquistar la esfera pública: la mirada de Gerda Taro sobre las mujeres intelectuales durante la Guerra Civil española.
  • Jean-François BERDAH (France, Université Toulouse II – Jean Jaurès/CNRS) : Martha Gellhorn, la voix des victimes. Parcours d’une reporter d’exception.
  • Jesús CANO REYES (Spain, Universidad Complutense de Madrid) : María Luisa Carnelli: acentos de tango y guerra en Madrid


Table 2 :  French women intellectuals in Spain

Speakers :

  • Alexandre MASSIPE (France, responsable de la Médiathèque du Perreux-sur-Marne): L’engagement de Simone Weil durant la guerre d’Espagne.
  • Anne RENOULT (France, BNF) :  Andrée Viollis (1870-1950) pendant la guerre d’Espagne : reportages de guerre et engagement.

Translation :

  • Anna ROJAS (France, Université de Paris Nanterre)
  • Héloïse VIAN (France, Université de Paris  Nanterre)